Dreaming of Summer

My first embroidered landscape, of course, featured sun, sea and sand.

In the depths of the new year, when the skies are endlessly grey and heavy here in the North of England, I find it difficult to imagine that the sun was ever a frequent companion.

One of the favourite images stored on my phone from the previous summer is one I captured overlooking the beach at Filey, North Yorkshire. It was warm, the beach down below was almost deserted and the sea was a dreamy, sparkling blue. This photo quickly became the inspiration for my piece (pictured left). screenshot_20170218-052011

I started small – this seemed easiest both in terms of skill and the amount of thread needed! Tracing a pencil circle onto my fabric, I used a basic 2 strand satin stitch to create the background. From there, I added different shades of single stranded floss to create waves, clouds and grass. French knots are my new favourite thing and I could use them endlessly; perhaps this is because despite sounding rather complicated, they are in fact very simple to pull off!

This created the texture and depth I was looking for: almost as if you were peeking through the flowers at the beach below.

There are definitely areas for improvement but I’m looking forward to seeing how my style develops over time with more work.

Hey – thanks for reading my first post. Here’s to many more as I commence my embroidering journey



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