SS17: Embroidery!

Embroidery has simply burst its way onto the fashion scene and is set to become one of the biggest Spring/Summer trends of 2017.

It’s the current comeback kid of fashion, a craft steeped in thousands of years of history and tradition, with an emphasis on floral designs now prospering on the high street: delicate wildflowers blossom across sheer sleeves, crimson roses bloom on denim, dragging us out of the cosy knitwear towards the colour and brightness of spring.

You can’t miss it. Take a stroll down the high street and you’ll see it in just about every high street chain window, from the likes of Zara to Primark, eager to meet the demands for sophisticated stitches.

It seems rather odd that this trend has coincided with my recent endeavour into embroidery but it has greatly inspired it too. With embroidered items in high demand, a little research into what the high street had to offer brought me a somewhat startling discovery. Embroidered items often carry a much higher price tag than similar products around them and perhaps rightly so; they are more labour intensive, even in a mass producing chain store. However, I admit that the cynical side of me would like to believe that this is a crafty marketing ploy, aimed at a growing consumer desire for a more organic, handmade feel to clothing; it would be brilliant if this current trend inspired a new generation to embroider.

Take for instance, the popular work of James Merry, a hand embroidery artist from the UK who takes instantly recognisable brand logos and transforms them into nature-inspired pieces of art. Toadstools sprout from the illustrious Nike tick and roots entwine themselves round the famous Adidas lettering. It’s awesome, subversive, a return to nature and I love it.

So, where has all this lead me to? A long-term ambition to design and create my own embroidered clothing and shoes for personal wear and, if it goes well, for friends and family too. It is cheaper and much more fun than buying from a store, trusting you invest in some low-priced plain basics to practice on! Although I’m not a huge follower of fashion trends, embroidered clothing is my kind of style and something I know I’d pursue long after the frenzy for thread has died down.

I am blessed/cursed with small feet and have managed to bag myself some Sale white pumps from the New Look Teen section which I am currently stitching some simple but bold red roses. Here is my work so far:


Stay tuned, updates to follow!

You can also keep up to date with my work by following my new instagram page: loustitches



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