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Branching Out

I have recently been inspired by the work of textile artist Elizabeth Pawle.Β She works freeform to create stunning wall weavings and tapestries by combining tranquil pastel colours with bursts of neon, using a varierty of textures and materials (pictured below).

Elizabeth Pawle

I was so inspired in fact, that I became obsessed with the idea of weaving and the uniqueness of textile wall art. After some thorough research and the realization that buying a large weaving loom on impulse wasn’t a terribly sensible idea, I discovered…branch weaving!

YouTube is an endless source of craft tutorials and, of course, even a craft as unique as branch weaving is featured. I used this simple video by Art Bar Blog, who designs beautiful craft ideas for children in her workshop.

Et voila, after a quick forage in my garden, I created my own branch weaving using some inexpensive yarn and beading from my local market. There is a huge amount of potential to turn your branch weaving into a mobile by adding extra yarn, pom poms and tassels, perfect for children’s rooms or jazzing up that plain wall with a little piece of textile art from nature.

My first attempt at branch weaving

From pressing flowers to branch weaving, there is a whole world of nature inspired crafts out there; a ready made gift of free textile tools.

As a lover of nature, I like to incorporate it into my work whenever I can.

If you are in the Yorkshire area and would like to see more work inspired by nature, please take a look at the free Branching Out exhibition at the Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds. From the 18th March – 27th June they will be showcasing local talent:

Inspired by the beauty of trees we bring together a selection of talented makers creating contemporary jewellery, ceramics, glass and works in mixed media whose work captures the essence of these remarkably diverse and beautiful marvels of the natural world.

For more information, check out their official website.

Have you tried branch weaving or any other nature inspired crafts? Let me know as you may get the opportunity to be featured in an upcoming post!

Pun of the day: tree-mendous


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