Unlock Your Creativity

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have” – Maya Angelou.

We could all benefit from hearing this quote a little more often.

Creativity is proven to make us healthier, happier and boost our self-esteem.

Think of creativity like a muscle, the more you fuel and use it, the stronger it grows, allowing you to push the boundaries and limits of your mind. This is a simple, helpful way to begin to work through self-doubt and dead-end thinking when you approach your work. So make a mental note, find a scrap of paper, (scribble it on the back of your hand if you’d prefer)and remind yourself daily, that your mind holds everything you need to unlock your creative potential.

Top tips to unlock your creativity:

1. Keep an open mind. Imagine living your life as if you could never fail.
2. Freewrite, draw or paint. Every. Single. Day. Save the planning for later.
3. Get out and about. Look at the sky, feel the sun, take notice of the tiny details of your surroundings.
4. Try new things. From the new sushi restaurant to sharing your ideas with a colleague.
5. Listen to music
6. Have fun! Laugh loudly, smile at people and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Find out more about the benefits of creativity here

What inspires you to be more creative?


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